What Drains You

Another aspect of self-care is setting limitations. We all need to limit the access we give people to ourselves. Now, this can be a delicate balancing act, but it is so, so necessary to travel through this life.

We need to let people in our inner mental and emotional spaces to feel alive. We just do. Most of us have a special set of people that have gained our trust and love that we’d got to bat for, open a vein for and they have access to us. They have our phone numbers and may even be listed on our cell phones as “favorites”. Anytime we have a planned event, they are, for sure, on the guest list. We can be ourselves around them. And we get and give honesty, advice, and love.

Then there are other people. We don’t hate them. We don’t dislike them. But we sure better know that we cannot allow them inner access because they will drain the peace right out of us.

Yes, you know them. I don’t have to tell you who they are because you know you HAVE to love them from afar. They’re not in your inner circle but you also can’t become absorbed with them or you will lose yourself in their drama, troubles negativity.

Yes. Negativity is a big, big, huge reason we label people toxic as toxic to us because who you spend time with is who you draw energy from.

It’s not being mean or cold or harsh to limit the people you expose yourself to that can get close to you and gain your trust. It’s self-care. It’s preservation. It’s moving through the world in peacefulness.

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So, please, don’t feel bad about limiting who you give access to your life to. You aren’t a bad person. You are simply a person that values themselves. And, believe me, people will respect that about you. So be honest with yourself.

Live in peace.

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