Busy women use tools that help get things done. We use them a lot. We use our cell phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and MP3 players.

We have a lot of things around us that make noise. How often can you see people wearing earbuds and headphones while walking or even working?

Can we get still and get quiet for a while?

Does it seem like a foreign concept? Does it feel like you won’t know what to do with yourself? It takes conscious effort but it’s worth it!

definition – Unplug: Do something that would contribute to forgetting one’s problems or reducing stress. Relaxing after being deprived of relaxation. (From Urbandictionary.com).


Okay, we’ve turned off our devices. Now what?

Listen, the best way to enjoy being unplugged is to go outdoors. Getting out in nature to not only see but to hear is the best reward. “Communing with nature,” as people often call it is just taking off your shoes (also known as grounding) and walking along in the grass or sand or even dirt, connecting with nature and the universe. Try this at the beach. Just stand at the shore for a while and listen to the waves and seagulls. Try this at a lake. Or go to a park or reserve and feel the sun on yourself and hear what nature sounds like.

Other ways to unplug:

  • Visit a museum without headphones or earpieces.
  • Sit at a cafe or restaurant and observe your surroundings while having coffee or a meal.
  • Go out in your back yard or on your porch or deck or balcony and just take in the sounds around you, smell the air.
  • Walk around your house with nothing on (no music, no television, clothing is optional), and experience the silence or absence of the usual sounds for a while.
  • Keep your cell phone away from the bed when you lay down to go to sleep.

Make unplugging a habit. Feel what it’s like to not be tethered to a device for part of your day!

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