Through The Skin

When I first started living holistically, it was a decision based on my health. I needed to feel good and do as much as I could to start feeling more like myself. What I didn’t realize was that the “self” I knew wasn’t really who I wanted to go back to!

The first step towards better health was to do research on any health issues I was diagnosed to learn what could have caused them and what I could do holistically to improve them. My research led to doing things to reduce inflammation in my body. Detoxification, for me, was the first step because even if I chose to allow my diet to heal me, I had to remove toxins from my body so I could absorb my food’s nutrients.

I detoxed my digestive system and other systems. The largest organ of the body is our skin. It is also one of the ways the body detoxes itself. I wanted to avoid certain chemicals and products I had come accustom to using on my skin and through my research, I learned what they would be.

Eliminating certain body and hygiene products meant I needed to replace them with better alternatives.

I was diagnosed with autoimmune diseases which means that my body had started attacking itself. You see, the body recognizes that something has gone awry with it, and the natural defense is to attack whatever it interprets as attacking it! Along with the diagnoses came the side effects: skin, sleep, digestive, muscular-skeletal, vision, voice and other disorders!

As my body healed itself and got better, it was better able to absorb both the foods I ate and the (beneficial) products I put on myself.

From this, my body care line called LemonLimeSoaps came to be! I started making my own personal care items and right now, I hand make glycerin soaps (no parabens or sulfates or other preservatives, scented oils or dyes), body butter, lip balm and bath bombs! *

These items are not made until you place your order so you receive them freshly made! They are amazing products and not heavily scented as found with some highly scented commercial bath and body products.

You can see the price list and items here**. New products will be offered over time, but for now, take a look!

You don’t have to be sick to start using these.

Visit to get more information on how to get your hand-made glycerin soaps that contain some of the best ingredients to be found, beneficial for your use!

See our disclaimer below.

* All statements and claims are from my own personal experiences. I am not a medical professional, so please consult your own physician before accepting any opinions offered here.

** I make other items for my own personal use, but not to sell at this time. The product line will be increasing soon.

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