Practicing Happiness

What a concept: making a practice of being happy! Most would say you’re either happy or you’re not, but being bogged down in duties, time constraints and all kinds of responsibilities can make us forget to make ourselves happy. So, let’s practice!

It Can Take A Little Work, But You Can Get There

Some of us need to submerge ourselves in happiness. We have to make it a ritual. Let’s cover the top 5 things you can do to encase yourself in your very own happiness bubble.

Put up motivating reminders

Go to the internet, search for quotes that make you feel happy or remind you of happiness. Print them on some stock paper and place them in frames to hang on your wall.

You can jot quotes down on cards or note paper and tape them to your mirror with pretty washi tape (a Japanese influenced decorative tape that is all the rage with scrapbookers and planners). You can put small uplifting decorations on your desk, in your car or around your house.

There are also apps that will send encouraging messages to your email account. (stands for If This, Then That) will send directly to your email inbox a happy quote. You designate the days and times, they will provide.

Whatever you have to do, the point is to have reminders and quotes in places where you can see them!

Get away from people that suck away your happiness.

There is nothing like peace of mind. People that instantly draw out all light in a room and are covered with negativity do NOT have a right to your attention.

Start looking at your relationships with people and notice how you feel when you’re around them. Some people push our buttons and make us unhappy, doubtful of ourselves or even flat out stressed!

It’s okay to spend more time with people who nourish you, encourage you and pull you to be your better self. Those are the people you should try to spend time with and will balance out the ones who are not as good to be around or make you feel drained.

Change your thoughts.

What is the dialogue you are sharing with yourself? Maybe write down these words and thoughts. Do they feel like you are verbally punishing yourself? Why is this happening?

Your words, especially to yourself, should be loving, uplifting and encouraging. Click To Tweet

Instead of saying negative things and stopping yourself from living fully, practice making empowering statements like, “I can” or “I am able” or “I choose to” to replace any “I know I can’t” or “I don’t think I am able to” statements to yourself. Think positively to move positively in the world.

Take care over what you see and hear.

We seem to be bombarded with negative messages daily, from our news to our news feeds and other media and music.

Be grateful. Stop Being A Complainer.

Complaining all the time is a sure way to keep yourself feeling miserable, not to mention the people around you that hear you complain all the time begin feeling miserable, too.  A complainer pulls everyone down, so watch your energy. Complaining is much different from and way worse than speaking about difficulties and problems.

You can begin keeping a gratefulness journal and start by writing each day at least one thing you are grateful for. Being grateful for what you already have brings about a deep, spiritual joy for your life.

Start looking with on purpose for the beauty and the upside to situations in your life.

So many people would love the chance to enjoy the things you take for granted.

Taking good care of yourself isn’t just physical, it is mental and spiritual as well and when these things are not in balance you can feel unhappy.

Nurture and keep guard over your happiness, even if you have to make a practice of being surrounded by “happiness makers” like the ones above. Eventually, you will feel yourself move on this earth in greater peace.

Tell me: (in your reply email) do you have a happiness ritual and if not, what is one thing you can do TODAY to start practicing happiness?

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