Plan Just One

For the month of April 2018, I am going to be posting a blog series called Plan Just One. This blog came out of interviews with women who, when asked what they needed to get their “stuff” together and accomplish living well in their lives, said they needed and wanted to do. The women either wanted to improve upon certain topics or learn how to do them.

The theme was so very common, I wanted to address each one because if these women said it, many others are also dealing with similar things. So, each week in April (Mondays … look for it) a different commonly expressed concern will be addressed.

The concept is to address just one thing and do it for just one day. It can be overwhelming for people to make changes, but to say you will do just the one thing for one time, then build upon that is a great start. So, instead of cleaning out all the closets in your house, start with one closet in one room for one day. The task seems much smaller because it is. Bite-size chunks of things still creates progress and that’s what we want. Progress.

Feel free to leave your comments under each blog post. Let’s talk about it!

So look for a new installment of this series every Monday in April. Sign up to get alerts in your inbox when there is a new post, below!

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