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This is the first in a series for April called “Just One”. This topic is a direct result of feedback I’ve gotten over time from many women who, when asked what they need to work on or what is a concern for them about their overall well-being, said they could use help with these certain things. I’ve chosen 5 of them.
Every Monday in April I will address a subject area that will hopefully help women to start to think of just how they can lay out and execute their own self-care and healthy living plan.
Just start with one thing, and do that for just one day. Click To TweetJust start with one thing, and do that for just one day. This is a small, bite-sized chunk that should not be overwhelming. After you’ve started, you can expand upon it!  Here is the first one.

Plan just ONE morning.

It’s true: how your morning starts sets the tone for the rest of the day! Don’t believe me? Consider a day when you’ve had to hop out of bed, rush to be ready for the day (whether you work away from home, or stay home to do your day), get people ready for their day, forgotten things and left them behind (as in arriving at the gym mid-day with no shoes to work out), and it goes on and on and on.  Why? You didn’t plan.

I’m not saying things won’t go wrong because you DO plan. I’m saying things will get missed and be uncomfortable for sure if you do NOT plan.

So let’s dive in right now and get you started planning just ONE morning! Just one. Not a month or anything overwhelming. This is to help get you started. Let’s go!

The night before.

Give yourself at least ONE hour for this exercise to prepare for the next day. From 6-7pm? From 9-10pm? Think about the time of day you plan to wake up. Push that time back half an hour. So if you normally get up at 7am, push it back and get up the next day at 6:30. BAM! You’ve just created a space in your own life for your own success.  You get one big attagirl (or boy if you will).

Decide your objective.

Do you want to have a smooth morning because you need to make sure you have time:

  • To exercise
  • For meditation
  • To get where you need to be ON TIME, unrushed
  • And stop leaving lunches/phones/homework/stuff behind because you were rushing too much
  • To have your own coffee mug already filled at home to save the $3+ you spend for the coffee shop
  • To actually style your hair, do makeup or call your mom before leaving your home
  • To be able to sit and have breakfast with your family, walk your pet, or read the headlines

Whatever it is, decide what your morning objective will be.

Get mental.

Armed with your objective, it’s time NOW to get your mind right. Meditate on what you want to do. Visualize your success. Actually, close your eyes and see yourself reaching your objective. This needs to only take a few minutes, really, or longer if you wish.

The thing is, you should make up in your mind that it is not only doable, but you need and want to prepare for this to be successful for you. And then, decide that it’s okay to need to fine-tune the process next time to get things to go how you want them to go, and YOU WILL NOT GIVE UP.

Write it out.

Paper and pen in hand, sit down and write out what you need to do to reach your objective. Write down what steps you will take. Write down what you need to do to prepare at night, then what you need to do to make your morning a success.

You may be required to (gasp!) make a lunch, set up the coffee maker, iron your clothes, set out your grab-and-go items (purse, keys, homework, breath mints, gym attire, etc) and have it ready for action!

Whatever you are going to need to do, write that down.


You may need to run out and grab some sandwich baggies for lunches the night before. You may need to wash out your coffee mug (there’s a time saver for you)! You may need to wash your gym clothes and hang them to be dry, or if they don’t need to be washed, pack that gym bag.

Consider making breakfast, or a part of it, ahead of time: overnight oats or cut up some fruit or mix pancake batter for the next day.

Next, make sure your clothes are laid out, complete with shoes. Do the same for children or other family members that need help with this. Make sure you’ve gassed up your car, or that your public transit pass is handy.

Put your bible and journaling paper out with a pen so you may do your devotional for the day or write in your gratefulness journal.

Make sure you have your water in a bottle in the fridge, your yoga mat and a towel nearby and a towel so you can do some hydrating and stretching first thing.

Lastly, consider making yourself a checklist of the things you want to make sure you do the next morning. Put this list right next to your bed. Then, instead of checking your phone or starting to look at social media first thing in the morning, start your checklist!

There are a number of things you can do the night before to ensure that your morning goes nicely, unrushed and calmly.

Can you see it?

Can you see yourself smiling, not tense and looking crazy the next morning because you started off the day intentionally? You will be more than ready to start your day strong, empowered and on a higher vibration. Why?

Because you focused on SELF-CARE above anything else already, carved out the time you needed to get it all together, and now you are prepared to deal with our world.



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