Plan Just One Meal Prep Session

In this third installment of the Plan Just One Series, we talk about Meal Prep and why it is a good choice and isn’t overwhelming, as many people think.

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The number ONE time-saver at my house is preparing meals ahead of time. I am a BIG proponent of the meal prep. Most people I’ve talked to about why they don’t do it more say they just can’t find the time to spend a “whole day in the kitchen cooking then all that cleanup”! I laugh! HA!


First of all, meal prep has gotten a definition that makes some people cringe. They see photos on social media of containers of foods stacked up on a counter or a refrigerator packed to the gills with meals and think, “oh no, that’s not going to work”!

For some people it does work, and it works nicely. That stuffed fridge is likely for every meal for every person in the household. Think about it: how nice would it be to just issue containers when you get home instead of cutting/chopping/sizzling/boiling and everything else. Every. Night. Or, worse yet, eating foods made by teenaged strangers that are put in a sack and shoved into your car window! (Yes, I wrote it like that for effect.)

Make it what you need it to be.

You may need to sit down and think about this. Do you need meals completely prepared and stored? Do you need them for the whole day of eating or just lunches or just breakfasts? Do you need them for the week or by the day?
Do you even need the food already cooked? You may need for it to be ready to be cooked, all diced, measured, seasoned and waiting because, depending on the meal, cooking certain recipes really is a breeze. It’s sort of like having those food delivery box subscriptions, except you are handling your own food.

It is nice to have, for instance, breakfast already made so the scramble out the door will be less dramatic or completely eliminated. Healthy and even fancy lunches are not as expensive when you’ve made them yourself! And lunches for your family with food they actually like makes everyone’s day much nicer.

Maybe you need a little help?

I say: start small. Plan 2 breakfasts or 2 lunches. You’ll have one tomorrow and the other one the next day. Build up from there. Scour magazines and online spots like Pinterest, Instagram, or Google for quick, easy recipes you may like. You may already know what you want to prepare, so make up a batch, divide into servings and refrigerate or even freeze to have later.

Meal Preparation is also a great help when you want to improve your diet. It saves you money as well. You have control over what, when and how you eat and you have control over how much you are spending!

You can get my Meal Prep for Beginners eDocument  meal prep for beginners for a step-by-step start!

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