Deep Work

I started off heavier than I am now. I was less fit. My muscles are toning and my clothes no longer fit. I call it all joy.

I didn’t follow any specific meal or exercise plan, actually. That may concern some of you or set you back a moment. After all: isn’t that what we are supposed to do? Aren’t we supposed to follow a meal plan (aka diet) and go to the gym in order to make the scale move and feel healthy?

I am here to bust all of that wide open for your mind. Yes, your mind. And your spirit.

I ate well and I got exercise regularly before anyone else in my house got up to see me. And I was active in my life and chores.

And in order to get to your own level of optimal health, being able to effectively run your life and considering your age, you MUST adopt balance! What does this look like?
Mind. Body. Spirit.

All three must be attended to before you see lasting improvements in any one area.
That is what I did. There was no diet. I did my research and changed my habits and kept my eating healthy and balanced. My body has a strong inflammatory response so eating well is of the utmost importance to me. But that’s not all.

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I need to also exercise regularly, gently and love using weights. It is nothing outrageous, but being consistent is paramount. Some days I can do more than I can other days, but I do something every day!

In addition to that, I had to change my attitude and mental dialogue with myself. This started to change how I related to other people as well. Things stopped being important to me that were once a big part of what I gave my attention to. I live this life, only me. Accepting this plus connecting deeply with my spirituality helps keep my stress levels low.

I had to connect with the universe and higher spirituality. I had to let go of some predisposed, non-health-serving beliefs and embrace the fact that I am directly connected universally to Spirit/Devine/Innate Love, and that it is connected to me!

To reach a holistic balance you have to do what I call Deep Work. This work happens under the skin and is the deepest form of self-love and care.

When I started to notice a change in my health, happiness, body and how I related to the world was after doing this Deep Work. Then I also began to notice changes in myself physically! My stress levels decreased. I am able to show up in a more effective way to my family and loved ones and community!

What I do now is show other women, like you, who are in the spot where I once was how to get in balance, overcome feelings of doing the most yet feeling like nothing has been done, and live holistically: mind, body, and spirit. This is what holistic living is all about. It isn’t all tea tree oil, avocado dressings and practicing yoga in exotic places of the world. Those are NICE, but you can do Deep Work right where you are with what you already have.

I’d like to hear from you about what you struggle with as you try to reach or maintain optimal health. Put it in the comments and let’s open the discussion!

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